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This cost-effective, specialty-specific tool offers valuable patient feedback in real time – giving you a clear picture of where you’re excelling, where you and your staff can optimize performance, and how you stack up against other providers and practices.

With our Patient Experience Platform, you’ll be able to compare physicians and locations, benchmark against other practices nationally, and receive monthly report cards, including patient’s written comments.

Are you explaining things well to your patients? Would they recommend your practice? Did your checkout staff make the patient feel respected? Was it easy to make an appointment?

You’ll have the answers to these questions, and more. By design, our specialty-specific surveys provide analysis in more detail. On average, they generate response rates of 35-40% and completion rates of more than 97%. Better yet, the data you collect offers actionable insights that can be used to:

• Prioritize improvement initiatives
• Monitor trends in performance
• Protect your reputation
• Validate your performance to maximize your earnings

How It Works

Our HIPAA-compliant platform is easy to implement, navigate, and use in three simple steps:

1. Create a simple file from your EMR, which is securely up loaded each week.
2. Patients receive an email survey that takes only 5 minutes to complete.
3. Log in to your Patient Experience Dashboard to view real-time metrics.
4. You’ll get instant answers from specialty-specific surveys, make lasting improvements, and maximize your earnings.

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Physician Empowerment Suite© Modules

The Patient Experience Platform

Provides real-time patient feedback collected from specialty- specific email surveys – giving you a clear picture of what you’re doing well, where you can improve, and how you stack up against other providers and practices.


The Clinical Effectiveness Platform

Using data gathered from specialty-specific surveys you take online, the tool measures your performance in the areas of: outcomes, practice patterns, quality, and patient safety. You can identify areas for improvement and compare your scores to your peers in your practice or to your specialty-match peers nationally.


Performance Improvement Tools

Features an extensive library of web-based educational modules, as well as more than 400 downloadable and modifiable examples of forms and specialty-specific content. Integrates seamlessly with the Clinical Effectiveness Platform, providing module recommendations based on survey results.


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