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Five Star Service Excellence

Reduce Risk, Increase Patient Safety and Service Excellence

Poor communication and incomplete documentation can create a negative experience for a patient and directly impact whether a patient or a patient’s family seeks a plaintiff’s attorney. While data reveals that service lapses and communication failures may cause an increase in both the frequency and severity of claims, there is often more at risk than just potential litigation.

SE Healthcare Quality Consulting can provide you with a customized risk engineering program that will assist you in moving toward a positive culture to reduce risk and become a “five-star organization,” an organization that maintains a culture of patient satisfaction and service excellence.

Whether your organization is a hospital, health system, ambulatory care center, or physician practice, the Five-Star Service Excellence Program is customized to suit your needs and includes these key elements crucial to success:

Culture Analysis

SE Healthcare Quality Consulting will conduct an analysis of your organization to evaluate the existing factors that can lead to claims. Knowing the culture surrounding your organization’s risk management performance is key to planning for improvement.

Education and Training

True service excellence needs to be embraced at all levels of the organization. This can only be accomplished through training and educational programs targeted to your specific needs to improve patient service excellence. SE Healthcare Quality Consulting offers a full complement of risk management educational programs.

Service Excellence Tools

Depending on your needs, SE Healthcare Quality Consulting can provide you with the appropriate tools, strategies, and documentation procedures necessary to create and maintain an environment of service excellence. These tools will allow your organization to better involve patients in their own care.

Effective Implementation, Powerful Results

Implementing the Five-Star Service Excellence Program begins with a solid commitment from senior management and involves everyone in the organization. Each clinician and professional staff and support staff member will learn to contribute to quality healthcare service in a manner that is safe, efficient, and competent and provide a friendly, warm, and respectful experience for the patient. For the program to be truly successful, every member of the organization must be involved. SE Healthcare Quality Consulting has developed a process to achieve that goal.

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