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Event Analysis and Review

SE Healthcare Quality Consulting assists hospitals by conducting an analysis of a serious safety event. Our team of experts can assist in the following areas:

• Support event management in real time as serious safety events occur

• Analyze event management infrastructure/systems

• Evaluate events for quality improvement opportunities

•Evaluate events for clinical competencies and issues

• Provide a plan for implementing improvements involving events

An independent, third party review by SE’s experienced team of quality, safety, and lean six sigma experts can provide results that are non-biased and which frequently identify opportunities for process and clinical improvement initiatives. Using clinical and event risk management experts on-site, SE interviews key personnel involved with the event, tours the facility, and reviews relevant clinical documentation and policies and procedures.

A confidential, comprehensive report is provided based on the findings of the SE team’s review. This report analyzes the never event and provides recommendations and tools and strategies for the implementation of recommendations. SE has a unique partnership with Saxton & Stump LLC, a prominent law firm with a large healthcare litigation, risk mitigation, and safety consulting practice.

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