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Plus introducing Endoscopy Unit Infection Prevention

Gastroenterologists - Measure What Matters Most

The goal of SE Healthcare Quality Consulting is enhancing the operational efficiency and creating a patient-centered environment for all gastroenterologists. With the help of our performance improvement tools, platforms, surveys and user-friendly resources, there are endless opportunities to improve the patient experience and increase physician engagement. Gastroenterologists have access to the Physician Empowerment Suite created by SEHQC. The Physician Empowerment Suite provides the key to practice benefits including:

• Increased operational efficiency
• Improved patient safety and satisfaction
• Immediate patient support
• Reduction in bad debt
• Fewer malpractice claims, payouts and related expenses
• Optimized reimbursement from payor negotiations

To learn more about the Physician Empowerment Suite, please click on the Physician Empowerment Suite tab on the homepage.

Endoscopy Unit Infection Prevention Tool

SE Healthcare Quality Consulting collaborated with the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) to introduce an Infection Prevention Clinical Effectiveness Survey.

The Clinical Effectiveness tool helps measure and improve your value. With this user-friendly tool, you can measure your clinical best practices, outcomes, patient engagement, and patient safety. This will positively impact your practices’ quality and safety.

The Infection Prevention Clinical Effectiveness Survey contains questions and resources submitted by subject matter experts. The survey includes twenty questions divided into five categories.

These questions and categories include:

• Standards / Policy
• General Infection Prevention
• Process
• Education / Training / Competency
• Management / Leadership / Organizations / Systems

Infection Prevention Champions Program

The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates developed an Infection Prevention Champions Program. The goal is for each Gastroenterology facility across the country to incorporate a champion providing his or her peers with the most current news, guidelines, and information about infection prevention. Each identified champion will promote adherence to best practices within their unit with the support of their administrative and clinical team. Champions will perform various tasks throughout their term aiding their role as the champion.

If you are interested in the Infection Prevention Champions Program for your unit, please click on the following link:


The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates is a professional organization of nurses and associates dedicated to the safe and effective practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing. SGNA carries out its mission by advancing the science and practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing through education, research, advocacy, and collaboration, and by promoting the professional development of its members in an atmosphere of mutual support.

To learn more about SGNA, please click the following link:


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